is the website of John Wood. For over four decades he has had an extensive, varied and successful career as a Recording Engineer and Producer.

In 1965, with Geoff Frost, he founded Sound Techniques, running their Chelsea studio which over 11 years became the venue for many classic recordings. Artists he worked with there included Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, Julie Collins, John Martyn, Richard Thompson, Fairport Convention and Pentangle.

By 1967 John had forged a long term collaboration with Joe Boyd. Often unable to book time in Chelsea, they began to take their projects to other major studios, returning to Sound Techniques for mixing. Soon this partnership was also recording in major US studios where over the next eight years John would work with Joe recording artists that included, Jeff and Maria Muldaur, Nico and The McGarrigle Sisters.

Sound Techniques designed and built much of their own studio equipment, as well as supplying mixing desks for high profile studios including Trident, Kingsway and Sunset Sound and Elektra both in Los Angeles.

Record Sleeves

After the company diversified into the software industry in 1976, the studio was sold to Olympic. John, who was now also producing as well as engineering, left Sound Techniques to follow a freelance career though still using Chelsea as his preferred mixing venue working there with Squeeze, Julie Covington, Any Trouble, Richard and Linda Thompson and Sandy Denny, at the same time continuing his association with Joe - working both in Britain and the USA.

After taking a 12 year break from recording in the mid eighties, to follow other interests, John returned to recording, though remaining resident in Scotland where he and his partner had relocated. Renewing his partnership with Joe, over the next few years they recorded some notable albums, while other more recent recordings included projects with Boo Hewerdine, Chris Difford, Beth Orton and mining the Nick Drake archives.

Now with more time on his hands after some 45 years,and to compliment his recording work John has decided to dip a toe in the studio business again, and has put together a fully analogue mixing facility based in his Scottish home. Have a look at What's On Offer

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