In the late nineties John returned to the studio and discovered that little had changed in the intervening 12 years or so that he had been away. Continuing to work in the analogue domain on tape he renewed his long standing partnership with Joe Boyd working mainly in the USA whilst also working with artists in the UK and Sweden.

Boo Hewerdine - Thanksgiving

Kate and Anna McGarrigle - The McGarrigle Hour

Loudon Wainwright - Social Studies

Norma Waterson - The Very Thought of you

With the continual contraction of the recording industry inevitably budgets have decreased many recording studios becoming financially unviable and closing. This in turn had resulted in Artists embracing cheaper digital recording technology and a move away from the analogue practices and skills that achieved the still much sought after sonic excellence of the 1970’s and 80’s. To retain these qualities, but now using a high definition digital recording, John still prefers to track in Studios that can offer enough space and quality analogue equipment to meet the challenges of recording a live an environment with the accent on capturing performance. For mixing he has his own analogue/digital hybrid facility using high specification equipment to offer flexibility whilst maintaining the advantages of analogue mixing. This is especially true of programme material featuring acoustic instruments where many artists producers and engineers miss the breadth, space, perspective and warmth of analogue mixes when working only in the digital domain. In addition to recording and production, taking advantage of the ease of digital file transfers, recent projects have included mixing for Artists based in US and Scandinavia.

Anne Marie Almedal - Memory Lane

Union Jill - Respectable Rebellion

Claus Rydskov - If this is a Man

Sam Lee - Ground of its Own

John is still available for a limited number of Recording and Mixing projects. You can find a more detailed look at his long and extensive career HERE. and for more information on his mix facility, terms and availability go to RECORDING AND MIXING PAGE.

Coal Porters - No.6

Adam Holmes - Heirs and Graces

Molly Drake - The Songs of Molly Drake

Hayes Sisters - Another Mans Shoes


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